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For over 20 years

Benchmark has been pioneering sustainable solutions for aquaculture production to help safeguard our world’s food supply and support a growing population.

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Real impact across the value chain

Vision and Commitment

Today, aquaculture produces more than half of the fish used for human consumption. With its continued growth, our vision is to enable a more sustainable and adaptable industry that can meet its challenges. This requires a deep understanding of its emerging needs and adoption of new technologies and innovations across the value chain, which we are committed to delivering.

Hands holding fish feed above water

Sustainable Development Goals

Through our core values and mission to contribute to a sustainable aquaculture future, with every action we aim to support one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainability Programme

Our work revolves around making aquaculture a more sustainable and profitable industry for producers.

We have a sustainability programme in place to embed sustainability thinking into every action taken, whilst making sure that we do this in a collaborative way amongst our people and with our customers and stakeholders.

We believe that by fulfilling our mission we can help to meet the needs of a growing global population for healthy, nutritious food while minimising the impact on the environment and communities where aquaculture is present.

Ivonne Cantu, Director of Investor Relations and head of the Sustainability Working Group
Trond Williksen, CEO of Benchmark

Aquaculture is an industry for the future that will need to develop in a sustainable way. Our mission is to play a significant role in this development.

Trond Williksen, CEO, Benchmark

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