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Viet-Uc, Vietnam

One of the best known growth stories in Vietnamese aquaculture is shrimp producing company Viet-Uc.

The business, run by entrepreneur Van Thanh Luong, has set up the world’s largest shrimp hatchery producing 15 billion of postlarvae annually.

Applying hatchery management principles – controlling conditions from start to finish – to the nursery and grow-out stages, Viet-Uc is investing in large-scale intensive farming capacity. Covered and aerated ponds combined with on-site water treatment and waste management make it possible to bring all environmental aspects under control.

Adopting game-changing technologies in feed formulation such as complete fishmeal replacement, Viet-Uc is a pioneer and innovator in the field of sustainable shrimp production.

Mastering the hatchery stage has been the first step towards achieving better grow-out results

Mr. Van Thanh Luong, CEO Viet-Uc Group


With a 102 ha facility Near Bac Lieu, Viet-Uc has set up what is arguably the largest hatchery in the world producing circa 15 billion PL per year. The group’s total capacity is around 40 billion PL per year in 7 hatchery facilities.

1,000 HA

Viet-Uc’s grow-out system is highly intensified in ponds of 500 m2 each. Stocking densities range from 250 to 500 PL per m2. By 2018 grow-out operations will cover 1,000 hectares (circa 550 greenhouses or 10,000 ponds).


Viet-Uc is the only hatchery in Vietnam licensed to operate a breeding and genetics program. Their 4th generation PL already show better growth and survival than imported broodstock lines.

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