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Benchmark for Better


Our Benchmark for Better initiative helps fund projects in three areas: education, environment and animal welfare in aquaculture.
Everyone who works at Benchmark is eligible to take two paid volunteering days a year, to devote to helping a charity this lets our people make a positive impact on their community, and  share skills, knowledge and time

The Benchmark for Better initiative

We allocate charitable donations to projects designed to deliver positive change for people and the environment in the communities surrounding Benchmark’s operations across the globe.

Through our support of the Mama Magda Aquaculture Fund, run by Ghent university, we continue to contribute to educating the next generation of aquaculture researchers, farmers, producers and specialists in developing countries.

Across the Group, we have supported City Harvest – a charity that donates food as surplus stock from suppliers and redistributes it to those in need – and the Afghan Crisis Appeal, through the donation of nappies, sanitary products and underwear. Elsewhere, our tilapia team in Miami donate fish  every year to local communities of low income immigrants.


Institución Educativa Arroyo de Piedra, Colombia

Situated in Sede de Punta Canoa, Colombia where 50% of the employees of our Spring Genetics business area live and work. Our teams have supported delivering education on sustainability and recycling and give students the opportunity to attend an Aquaculture conference to learn more about what we do.  

Laman Canal

The Advanced Nutrition team join forces with the local community in Phichit, Thailand to help remove sewage and weeds from nearby canals each year to facilitate the flow of water and prevent flooding, in line with the ECO Factory project on biodiversity.

Wachirabarami Kindergarten and Wat Bua Bang School

Our Advanced Nutrition team in Wachirabarami, Thailand, organised a project to support sustainability and safety in the region. Planting 170 trees at the  primary school and donated fire extinguishers, sports and medical equipment and waste bins, amongst other resources.