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Ever since being founded back in 1983 in Belgium, INVE Aquaculture has always been a pioneer in the aquaculture industry.

Today, we have the opportunity to collaborate with the Belgian Embassy to Ecuador, Perú and Bolivia and present to you, together with Ostend Science Park and Bluebridge, the new “Blue Economy” – in Spanish!

Discover the experience of Flanders, Belgium and its technological innovations in Aquaculture.

Curious about Belgium’s latest developments in the field of aquaculture?
Would you like to know more about the successful collaboration between players in the blue economy ecosystem and industry in Flanders?

Check out our program and register for our webinar on November 17!


10:00 a.m. Opening remarks: Mark Van de Vreken, Belgian Ambassador to Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.
10:10 a.m. The Belgian ecosystem in the blue economy: Pieter Embo, Business Developer at Ostend Science Park
10:25 a.m. Aquaculture projects and innovations: Jurgen Adriaen, Bluebridge Project Officer
10:40 a.m. INVE Aquaculture as an innovative company: Ramiro Solano, Operational Manager at INVE Aquaculture Ecuador
10:55 a.m. Q&A and closing words: Esthefani Lopez, Director of the commercial office of the Belgian Embassy

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*Please notice that this Webinar will be entirely given in Spanish*

Descubre la experiencia de Flandes, Bélgica y sus innovaciones tecnológicas en acuicultura

¿Tiene curiosidad por saber cuáles son los últimos avances en el campo de la acuicultura en Bélgica?
¿Le gustaría saber más sobre la exitosa colaboración entre los actores del ecosistema de la economía azul y la industria en Flandes?

¡Revise nuestro programa y regístrese en nuestro seminario virtual del 17 de noviembre!


10:00 a.m. Palabras de apertura: Mark Van de Vreken, Embajador de Bélgica para Ecuador, Peru y Bolivia.
10:10 a.m. El ecosistema belga en la economía azul: Pieter Embo, Business Developer de Ostend Science Park
10:25 a.m. Proyectos e innovaciones en acuicultura: Jurgen Adriaen, Project Officer de Bluebridge
10:40 a.m. INVE Aquaculture como empresa innovadora: Ramiro Solano, Gerente Operativo de INVE Aquaculture Ecuador
10:55 a.m. Q&A y palabras de cierre: Esthefani Lopez, Directora de oficina comercial de la Embajada de Bélgica

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