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Corporate Governance

Board Composition

The Board comprises eight directors; two Executive Directors, an Executive Chairman, Senior Independent Director and four further Non-Executive Directors.

The Board is responsible for the long-term success of the Group, overseeing the development and delivery of strategy and conduct of the business, to generate sustainable value for shareholders. Eight Board meetings are scheduled each year, alongside dedicated strategy days, and additional meetings are held as and when required.

Board Committees

The Company has established committees as follows:

UK Corporate Governance Code

We have agreed to report against the UK Corporate Governance Code (the “Code”).  A copy of the Code is available from the website of the Financial Reporting Council.

The Company is listed on AIM and is subject to the AIM Rules. The Board has voluntarily chosen to comply with the UK Corporate Governance Code 2018 (‘the Code’). An overview of the Company’s compliance with the Code can be found in our Annual Report 2021 as well as detailed below.

Share Dealing Code

The Board intends to comply, and to procure compliance, with Rule 21 of the AIM Rules for Companies and the EU Market Abuse Regulation relating to dealings in the Company’s securities by the Directors and other applicable employees. The Company has therefore adopted a Share Dealing Code and has applied this, in the interests of best practice, to all of its employees. The Company takes all reasonable steps to ensure compliance by the Directors and its employees with this Code.

AGM/Proxy Voting

AGM/Proxy Voting from previous years