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Our Commitment to Health & Safety

Every employee expects to return home from work unharmed and we believe that this responsibility is down to all of us.

We ask every employee to sign up to our health and safety commitment:

  • Nothing is more important than health and safety
  • Nothing we do is worth being hurt for
  • Nothing is so important we cannot take time to do it safely
  • We will never witness an unsafe act or condition without taking action

It’s a great opportunity to discuss health and safety, away from the day job and identify practices that can be improved or different ways of doing things. Benchmark has an open culture but it’s important to keep these discussions up so that people at all levels of the business feel comfortable raising concerns. Everyone has a role to play in driving forward health & safety at Benchmark so that it is a truly safe place to work. We now have to put all the great ideas that were generated into practice!


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