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We are a world-leading provider of specialist nutrition and preventative health products and solutions for the early stages of shrimp production. We have secure access to high-quality feed (artemia) which, enhanced by our technology, improves nutrition and resilience.

Why choose our shrimp solutions?


It’s an undisputed fact in aquaculture that production is largely determined by the quality of the first life stages. With balanced larval feed formulations and protocols, we help to prepare larvae and post-larvae for efficient growth. Our know-how optimizes their strength, resulting in proficient growth performance and robustness.


To enable our industry’s growth, innovative solutions that will improve Artemia production are needed, always complying with biosecurity standards in order to reach the highest productivity. We have secure access to this high-quality live feed which, enhanced by our technology, improves nutrition and resilience.


Benchmark Genetics Shrimp operates its world-leading breeding program for Peneaeus vannamei. With its breeding nucleus in Colombia, and from its modern and biosecure Elite Multiplication Centre in Fellsmere, FL, USA, Benchmark Genetics Shrimp develops, produces and globally distributes genetically improved, high performing SPR/SPF Shrimp strains with improved health and efficiency adapted to modern farming conditions.

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