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Sea bass & bream


As leading providers of fish hatchery products and fish farm products, we serve our customers globally with the most comprehensive portfolios in the industry. Our support results in better care throughout the culture cycle, and thus brings the growth and success of our clients to a higher level.

Why choose our sea bass/bream solutions?


We provide a range of high-quality and stage-specific broodstock, hatchery and nursery diets that support healthy growth, high survival and maximised yield.

This allows for better control and stabilisation of growth conditions. The nutritional value of our diets has been meticulously optimised, aiming for maximum beneficial effects.


Live prey availability in terms of quantity and quality are fundamental for the success of sea brass and bream production. We offer a wide and specialised range of top quality Artemia cysts from sustainably-harvested sources.

Our groundbreaking technological innovations continuously enhance the quality and ease-of-use of our Artemia products for maximised output, biosecurity and efficiency.


By combining our long-established breeding programs and the latest genomic tools, we help aquaculture producers increase quality, yield, health and animal welfare.

We support a significant number of selected breeding programs across the world for sea bass/bream producers.

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