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Atlantic salmon represents the technical, operational and financial frontier of aquaculture, and we are at the forefront of development. Our products are the result of long-term breeding programs and intensive innovation, focused on solving our clients’ challenges and opportunities.

Why choose our salmon solutions?

Sea Lice

Medicinal bath treatments remain a critical component of the integrated pest management toolbox for reducing parasite load on Salmonids.

Benchmark® has a strong and long expertise in providing solutions for sea lice management, which are used by farmers throughout the world.

Ectosan® Vet is the first sea lice veterinary medicinal treatment introduced to the Norwegian salmon market in over a decade. Used exclusively with our water purification system CleanTreat®, the medicine is removed from the treatment water before returning purified water into the sea. The treatment meets the highest standards of efficacy and fish welfare.

Salmosan® Vet is used throughout the global salmon industry for the control of pre-adult to adult stages of sea lice and delivers effective treatment as part of a strategic de-lousing programme. It is the market leading azamethiphos treatment for sea lice, currently available in the UK, Norway, Faroe Islands, Canada, and Chile (under the trade name Purisan®).

Salmon Eggs

The three strains that are operating all have their origins from some of Norway’s most prominent salmon rivers.

They were collected and domesticated for farming in the mid 70s and early 80s. Since then they have undergone significant genetic development through systematic breeding and selection. The breeding programs’ structure, where the males are selected directly from the breeding nucleus, ensures a higher genetic gain per generation than by selection from dissemination lines.

Technical Expertise

Benchmark Genetics  offer  technical genetics services to external breeding programmes globally.

We have experience from more than 30 applied breeding programmes involving 20 species in 16 countries. Currently, we are servicing the Atlantic salmon breeding programme for the Rauma strain in Norway, (operated by Salmar Genetics), a 50/50 joint venture between Salmar Farming and Benchmark Genetics.

We are a leading provider of sustainable aquaculture solutions for salmon farmers around the world that improve yield, quality, health and welfare. Founded in 2000, Benchmark has been built through organic innovation and strategic acquisitions. We work with top salmon producers throughout the world, and our facilities are genetically sophisticated, local and biosecure. We are strongly positioned in all the geographically important salmon-producing areas globally.

Trond Williksen, CEO