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Advanced Nutrition

A world-leading provider of specialist nutrition for early stages of shrimp and fish production. Benchmark Advanced Nutrition operates in the global market as INVE Aquaculture, a leading brand established in the market more than 30 years ago.

We have secure access to high-quality live feed (Artemia) which, enhanced by our technology, improves nutrition and resilience. All products and solutions help fish and shrimp develop to their full potential throughout the production chain,  and prove their added value in hundreds of hatcheries and farms worldwide every day.

Your Challenge –
Our Solution

Dedicated teams with local offices, provide expert advice based on over 30 years of award winning innovation and research.

Specialised Solutions

Our specialised solutions are made to add value at key points in the aquaculture product cycle, maximising yield, growth, and health at all stages. Larvae quality is one of the main drivers for successful fish and shrimp farming. This is why we develop solutions that help larvae, fry and PL exploit their full potential throughout the production chain.

We provide innovative nutrition and health solutions driving efficiency within the aquaculture industry

Dedication to excellence

Although our distribution networks are set up to directly serve all major aquaculture markets, we have deliberately chosen to build our biggest production facility in Phichit, Thailand to stay in touch with the largest and fastest growing markets in aquaculture. By owning and managing our own facilities, we can guarantee complete control over the entire process and perform flawless quality control.

Advanced Nutrition

At Benchmark Advanced Nutrition we provide state-of-the-art solutions to the three main areas of aquaculture production. Our skilled and motivated workforce is the key to our success.

Patrick Waty, Head of Benchmark Advanced Nutrition