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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to drive sustainability in aquaculture by delivering products and solutions that improve sustainability and profitability for aquaculture producers through better yield, quality, animal health and welfare.
Guided by our values – innovative, passionate, collaborative and commercial – we contribute to a sustainable aquaculture future in ways that feed the world without harm.

We are powered by committed people driven by the desire to make a difference. We have a collaborative approach with our customers, suppliers, innovators and industry associations, supporting and developing initiatives that promote sustainability across the food chain.

What we do

We deliver products and solutions that enable aquaculture producers to improve their productivity and sustainability, helping address the need for sustainable aquatic food to feed a growing population.

Our focus is on three complementary business areas — Genetics, Health and Advanced Nutrition — that are critical to the productivity and sustainability of aquaculture across the production cycle.

Delivering continued genetic improvements

Professional genetics provide a crucial starting point in aquaculture. Through Benchmark’s specialist genetics, fish and shrimp grow faster and live healthier using less resources – thus improving sustainability across the value chain, from egg to plate.

We are a leading provider of salmon eggs to the salmon farming industry. We have five in-house breeding programmes covering salmon, shrimp and tilapia, with breeding centres in Norway, Iceland, Chile, the US, Brasil and Colombia. In addition, we are the leading provider of genetics services supported by a world class team of experts with extensive experience from applied breeding programmes in 20 species across 16 countries.

Adding value at key points in the production cycle

In Advanced Nutrition we specialise in the early stage of growth for shrimp and seabass and seabream. These early stages play a critical up until the time of harvest. We are the leading player in our segment with presence in every major market.

We believe in innovation. We have proprietary technologies and a portfolio of nutritional, health and environmental solutions which, together with our expert technical support, enable our customers to optimise their production.

A leading provider of specialised health solutions

Sea lice is one of the biggest sustainability challenges in salmon farming, affecting yield and animal welfare whilst constraining growth. In 2021 we launched our breakthrough solution Ectosan®Vet and CleanTreat® in Norway, adding to Salmosan®Vet.

We are a working on expanding the platform of our purification system CleanTreat more broadly in the industry, with the target of bringing a solution to purify treatment water from other medicinal bath treatments before it is returned to the ocean.

Our products and solutions play an important role in meeting the needs of aquaculture producers and consumers for an ethical, reliable and nutritious source of animal protein in fish and shrimp.

The value we create for our stakeholders

What sets us apart